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Basic Photography Course
for small groups

Basic Photography Course

This course is intended for a small group of people who want make better photographs, understand how to use a camera, learn some of the guidelines for composing your photographs and more. This will allow you to have more fun taking photos!

The course is very practical and hands on. It will only last two days and of course will cover some theory, but I find that photography is learned by doing. Theory helps, but only practice makes perfect. This course will get you going, and if you really love photography you'll come back for more.

This course can be organised any time of the year as long as there's a group of minimum 6 participants.

We will start day 1 with a 'classroom' session where we explain how your camera works and sees the world. Understanding a little bit of the technical side, will help you use your camera better. This will be supported by some practical exercises. We will conclude day 1 outdoors, so we can apply what we have learned so far.

Day 2 will begin with some theory to show how to compose your photos, what the eye finds usually pleasing to see. There are some guidelines (some would say rules) that are good to keep in mind when taking your photos. This will be supported by plenty of examples, so it will be easy to apply this later. The second part of the day will be outdoors once more to practice, practice, practice!

It will be lots of fun and you will be amazed with the results.

2-days Course - € 150 (minimum 6 participants)

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