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"In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks."

(John Muir)

Photo Experiences

This is the ultimate chance where it all comes together, nature, photography, post processing. We have selected a few beautiful locations, which we will visit when they are at their most beautiful. You will do so with like minded people, who love nature and photography just like you. We will travel with just a small group, because we want to give you personal attention and nature tastes so much better with few people around. During these tours there will also be time to introduce you to post-processing. This way we go through a few of the photographs made during these magic days together.

Individual workshop

If you have just bought a new camera and would like to make the most from it, an individual workshop, that lasts just half a day can be arranged. These workshops can be customised to your needs. If you feel your photos are ok, but would like them to be great, we can arrange a day outdoors and take photographs in the area around Novara. This way we can go through some topics like composition, light, selection of aperture and more.

Post processing

If you would like to learn Adobe’s Lightroom CC Classic to bring out the best of your photos through post-processing, we can teach you what is possible in a few sessions. This can be done in person, or on Skype.

Basic Photography course

This two day course covers the fundamentals of photography with the time together split between theory and practice.

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